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Rosso Levanto
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Giresun Black granite


We have three types of onyx; blue onyx, white onyx and honey brown onyx.
We can supply your wholesale onyx demands.


We have different color tones of mosaic; light tones and dark tones.
We can supply your wholesale mosaic demands.

Product forms

Tile - 30 * 60 cm / 60 * 120 cm / 30 * 90 cm / square-rectangular shape / etc.
Slab - 1 / 2 / 3 cm / etc. thickness
Countertop - custom dimensions and edge finish
Block - 150 * 250 * 120 cm / etc.

Surface processing

Polished, Honed, Brushed, Filled

Cutting types

Veins cut - vein on surface
Cross cut

Quarry origin


Minimum order quantity
50 m2 for tiles and slabs

Wooden crates

Delivery time
It may be 2-3 days to load the ship for standard products.
There are adequate stock levels.

You can contact us to request a price quotation.

Any question

We are trying to be better at product and service as a wholesale marble supplier. If you have a question, we will be pleased to provide any further details.

About our sour cherry marble - Rosso Levanto

Our sour cherry marble, also known as "Rosso Levanto", does not exist as quarry in any other point of the world. It is a precious marble type, and being used on the decoration of famous places including White House in USA, Burj Khalifa and Palm Islands in Dubai, Safa & Merve Hills in Mecca, Dolce & Gabbana stores, Victoria's Secret stores, etc.
We can supply your demand for Rosso Levanto marble tiles, slabs and countertops.
Some customers also call it as Turco.

Wholesale beige marble

We have different types of beige marble. We have a light beige as a main type, and three relatively darker tones of beige. Photos of all these types can be seen above.
If you are looking for wholesale beige marble slabs, tiles, countertops, blocks; we can supply your demand.

Wholesale marble tile & slab

If you demand wholesale marble slabs & tiles, please tell us your type and dimensions, so we can evaluate our ability to produce the product demanded.

Other available products

We can also supply travertine, granite, onyx, mosaic, limestone, alabaster stone, and other natural stone types.