Be our distributor in your country

We are a wholesale supplier in Istanbul, Turkey. We are looking for wholesale importer and distributor companies and trade partners in other countries. If you are already a wholesale importer, or willing to be, we can make cooperation on the demands of various products.

We can work together by different means. Firstly, your company can find demand of a certain product, locally in your own region. Secondly, if we have a customer in your country, you can undertake the importation process, sell and ship to the customer with a profit share. Briefly, we work together as a team with a long term trading relationship.

We also encourage you to open a wholesale store and to sell to your existing local customers or to grow a local buyers network gradually.

To determine the product to work on;

Option A; You can select a product from many on our home page.

Option B; You can tell us the product in your mind, so we can give our supply price, so we can see its feasibility.

Option C; Could you select ten products in your city / country / region and send their market prices? Then we can send back the most profitable product with its supply price. Then you can decide to go on or not.

We can also supply the goods to you with our own product brand.

When you select a product or product group, we are providing you to be unique distributor in your city for that particular product/s. Moreover, if a retailer asks for a distributor for that product, we will share your contact information with them and will forward to you.

If you want to work together with us, you can apply by sending us your company information via email. You can find the email address on contact page. You can write an optional detail about what you can do as part of such a cooperation. Hope to work together soon.

Lastly, if these offers don't suit for you, then we would like to hear your thoughts. Contact us to tell your own offer. Hope to hear from you.