Be our Sales Associate

We are willing to work with Sales Associates from other countries in the world. We are making cooperation with our Sales Associates to realize an international trade transaction. When we accomplish a successful trade, we are paying a profit share to our Sales Associate. The rate of profit share depends on the situation, and is mostly 25% of net profit. It is project based, and effective for each transaction.

You can participate by two means;
1- You ownself find a reliable buyer locally in your own region, who has a demand of a certain product.
2- When we have a customer in your country, we can share information of the customer with you. It may be for a company visit, or to complete the missing parts before the agreement. Briefly, you work as part of the team. Profit sharing will be the same as above.

If you want to work as our Sales Associate, you can apply by sending us your resume via email. You can find our email address on contact page. You can write an optional detail about what you can do as part of such a cooperation. Hope to work together.