wholesale apricot import

What we supply

Fresh apricot
Organic apricot
Frozen apricot halves

Biological origin
Prunus Armeniaca

Country origin

Production phase

We are growing apricots on our own orchards. If the demand is higher than our own supply, we also purchase from our neighbours. Crop brought to the factory pass subsequently the operations of inspection, calibration, washing, drying, inspection and packaging. Products approved are ready to serve our customers.

Quality control
BRC accreditation
ISO 9001 - Certified by National Quality Assurance
Organic Certificate
Kosher Certificate

Packaging & Purchasing options
In bulk form; mostly packaged in cartons for international market.
In consumer packs; we can pack apricots in punnets or trays for different weights. Then packs may also be placed in a loose carton box.

Supply ability
200+ tons

Minimum order quantity
100 kg

You can contact us to request the prices.

For any question

We are trying to be better at product and service as a wholesale apricot supplier. If you have a question, we will be pleased to provide necessary information.

Wholesale organic apricot

We are growing organic apricot on our own orchards. We are applying organic agriculture procedures. You can import apricot from us in any amount.