cherry wholesale
Cherry harvested
red cherry wholesale
In plastic crates
Physical specifications
Red and live color, sweet, fleshy, juicy, large, firm.

Medium: Average cherry has a diameter around 24 mm. Upper bound is 28 mm.
Large: Between 28 - 32 mm.


Between 23 May - 25 July


Our own crop

We grow our own cherry on our orchards.
For demand surplus, we can supply from our neighbours.

Packaging & Purchasing options
In bulk form; we can supply in wooden crates, plastic crates, loose carton boxes. They may be on a pallet, depending on transportation type.
In consumer packs; we can supply in carton packs of different weights. Then packs may also be placed in an outer carton box.

Depending on the country; air cargo, shipping via ocean or truckload is possible.
As to be a cold storage, it will be shipped in reefer container or reefer truck.

CFR (freight included) price range is 1.80 - 5.70 USD / kg.
Price depends on order amount, cherry size, transportation choice, packaging choice, time in season, exchange rate, etc.
You can contact us to request a price quotation.

For any question

We are trying to be better at product and service as a wholesale cherry supplier. If you have a question, we will be pleased to provide any further details.

Yellow - red type

Beside red one, there is also yellow color type. We can supply yellow or red cherry wholesale.

Wholesale cherry pits

We can also supply wholesale cherry pits, you can contact us to tell the amount of your demand, so we can check our availability or arrange the production if possible depending on the time of your demand.