face cream apricot oily
Face cream - apricot oily
vaseline wholesale
sun cream oil lotion set
Sun cream & oil & lotion set

Product list

Face / Hand / Body Cream - with blackberry / sour cherry extract - 120 ml box, 75/200 ml tube
Face / Hand / Body Cream - with apricot oil - 120 ml box, 75/200 ml tube

Vaseline - with vitamin E - 100 ml box
Vaseline - with cocoa butter - 100 ml box
Moisturizing Care Cream - with almond extract - 100 ml box

Sun Cream - with cocoa butter - 40/120 ml box
Sun Cream - with carrot extract - 40/120 ml box
Sun Oil - with cocoa butter / carrot extract - 100/200 ml box
Sun Lotion - SPF 30 - 100/200 ml
Sun Lotion - SPF 50 - 100/200 ml

Bitter almond Cream - 40/140 ml box, 30 g tube
Bitter almond Milk - 140 / 240 ml


Perfumes and deodorizers
Perfuming or deodorizing preparations for room odor (odour)
Perfumery, cosmetic or toilet preparations
- Pre-shave, shaving or after-shave preparations

Plant oils

Lavender oil
Thyme oil

Cosmetic and toilet preparations

Manicure or pedicure preparations
Lip make-up
Eye make-up
Powders, whether or not compressed
Skin care products, including sunscreen or sun tan preparations

Turkiye (Turkey)

Prices are starting from 0.45 USD / unit
You can contact us to request a price list.

For any question

We are trying to be better at product and service as a supplier of wholesale cosmetics products. If you have a question, we will be pleased to provide any further details.

Wholesale vaseline

We can produce and supply wholesale vaseline in any amount according to your demand.

Wholesale sun cream

If you demand wholesale suncream, we can supply large quantities with different fruit extract and in different packaging options.