natural sun dried apricots wholesale
Natural dried
dried apricots wholesale
Yellow dried

Types we have

Yellow - sulfured, longer shelf life
Natural dried apricots - sun dried
Organic dried apricots

Dimensions and quality

Size calibration can be applied according to demand.
Industrial grade A is available for industrial usage.
Chopped apricot available.

Production phases

We are growing the fruit on our own orchards. If the demand is higher than our own supply, we also purchase from our neighbours. The crop brought to the factory pass subsequently the operations of inspection, calibration, washing, drying, inspection and packaging. Related tests according to product type are conducted. The products approved are ready to serve our customers.

Packaging & Purchasing options
In bulk form; mostly packaged in 5 / 10 kg carton box
In consumer packs; doypack craft paper/aluminium, knitted basket, plastic bag, pvc box / oval tray / tray-handled, etc. with different weights.


Minimum order quantity
500 kg

You can contact us to request the prices.

For any question

We are trying to be better at product and service as a supplier of dried apricots wholesale. If you have a question, we will be pleased to provide necessary information.

Organic dried apricots wholesale

We are growing organic apricots on our own farms. We have organic certificate.
If you are looking for organic dried apricots bulk, we can supply your demand.

Sun dried apricots wholesale

Sun dried apricots are kept under the sun to dry. It is natural and with no additives. It is naturally dark brown color.
If you are looking for sun dried apricots wholesale, we can supply bulk or packaged.

Other products

Other preparations; like mixed packages including other fruit, nuts and kernels.
Products containing chocolate, sweet, Turkish delight, fruit pulp, etc.