175 ml foam cups wholesale
foam cups wholesale styrofoam
160ml, 175ml, 250ml
foam cups wholesale in package
In nylon cover


Volume (ml) Volume (oz) equiv.
100 ml 3.4
150 ml 5 oz
160 5.4
175 ml 6 oz
200 ml 7 oz
225 7.6
237 8 oz
250 ml 8.5
300 10.1
330 11.2
350 12 oz


Styropor; an expanded polystyrene (EPS)

Material properties
Excellent hot-cold thermal insulation capacity. Keeps hot beverages hot, and cold beverages cold, for a longer time than others. No need for cardboard sleeves.
High compressive strength
Outstanding impact absorption
Low weight
Imperviousness to moisture

1000 / 1400 units in a carton package

Custom printed styrofoam cup
- Logo / brand printing
- We can print any artwork with any color, up to 6 colors
With or without lids

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Wholesale styrofoam cups

We are able to produce large quantities for your demands of wholesale styrofoam cups.

Custom foam cups bulk

We can produce custom printed foam cups bulk. It's printed on the surface of foam cup. We can print a text or a colorful design according to our customer's demand.
If you are looking for personalized custom foam cups wholesale, we can supply your demand.

Bio cup

Bio cup biodegrades 92% over 4 years.
Lower cost than other green options.

Other products
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Food trays

Soup bowl
- 12 ounce (350 cc)
- 16 ounce (450 cc)
- EPS or biodegradable

Sauce bowl
- 4 ounce (120 cc)
- EPS or biodegradable