wholesale rose cream
Rose cream
natural clay mask wholesale
Natural rose clay mask
rose soap wholesale
Rose soap
skin cleaning foam wholesale
Rose skin cleaning foam

Product list

Rose cream - 150 ml
Hand & Body lotion - 200 ml
Rose vaseline - 80 gr
Rose soap
Cellulite soap - 150 gr
Rose cologne - 200 / 300 / 400 cc
Rose cologne spray - 160 cc
Liquid rose soap
Rose perfume - 100 cc
Luxurious rose perfume
Purse perfume - 20 cc
Bar perfume - 10 cc
Rose essence - 5 cc
Tonic spray - 160 cc
Rose tonic - 400 cc
Rose shampoo - 500 ml
Skin care lotion - 250 ml
Bath gel - 500 ml
Natural clay mask - 200 gr

100% pure natural rose water - 250 ml
Cleaning milk
Cleaning gel
Skin cleaning foam - 250 ml
E-vitamined beauty cream - 150 ml
Eye care cream- 30 ml
Lip moisturizer - 30 ml
Clay mask

Fresh rose petals
Dried rose petals
Biological origin
Rosa Damascena

Country origin

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Additional information

For any question

We are trying to be better at product and service as a supplier of rose products. If you have a question, we will be pleased to provide any further details.

Wholesale rose products

Our products are made of natural rose. Different sizes of packages are available for bottles, tubes, boxes, etc. If you are looking for wholesale rose products, we try to present appropriate solutions to supply your demand.

Wholesale rose petals

If you are looking for wholesale rose petals, we can supply fresh rose petals in the season and dried rose petals throughout the year.

Alcohol free perfume

We can produce alcohol free perfume for some countries, if specified.