wholesale walnut with shell unshelled
Walnut with shell
dried walnut wholesale
Dried walnut
wholesale walnut shelled kernel

Products we supply

Walnut with shell / unshelled
Walnut shelled / kernel
Organic walnut

Types we supply

Chandler, mostly
Other types on demand

Packaging & Purchasing options
In bulk form; packaged in sack, carton box, big pp packages, on demand.
In consumer packs; mini sack, plastic bag, etc. with different weights. Outer carton box.


Supply ability
100+ tons

Minimum order quantity
50 kg

Depends on product type, order amount, season, exchange rate.
You can contact us to request a price quote.

For any question

We are trying to be better at product and service as a supplier. If you have a question, we will be pleased to provide necessary information.

Wholesale Chandler walnut

Chandler type is demanded by food industry. It has a thin shell and good taste.
If you are looking for wholesale Chandler walnut, we can supply your demand.

Wholesale organic walnut

We have some products with organic certificate. We can supply wholesale organic walnut. Organic shelled or unshelled is available.

Wholesale walnut oil

If you are looking for wholesale walnut oil, you can contact us to give the details about the amount and packaging of your demand, so we can check our availability.

Walnut shell granules

We can supply shell granules.
Product types: Broken shell, shell granules
Sizes for granules: 500-4000 micron, 250-500 micron, below 250 micron, etc.
Packaging: 25 kgs sack bag
Pricing: Will be based on the order amount and granule size, so you can contact us to give the details of your order.